Rising Sun – Licensing Application for further space-Local councillor states-‘this is Hornchurch not Ibiza.’

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St Andrews Ward Councillor Paul Middleton today writes in the Havering Daily in regards to a licensing application entered by the Rising Sun pub in Hornchurch.

I am one of the three ward councillors for St Andrews Ward, St Andrews Ward includes Hornchurch Town Centre.

A recent license application came to light, The Rising Sun has requested a license to set up a further function suit at their premises on Hornchurch High Street.

The suite will primarily be used for private parties. It has an outside smoking area and outside toilets.

Hornchurch has a nice mixture of shops, bars, cafes etc. over the years the night-time economy has grown.

The bars are staying open longer and later. The issues that come with longer drinking hours and late nights are becoming apparent.

Romford is a very short distance down the road, Romford has several nightclubs, venues and late licenses. They also have dedicated police officers to deal with the issues that often surround late night drinking, night clubs and venues.

The Rising Sun pub already enjoy a late license for their main pub and have an extraordinary 3AM license for the nightclub.  The music from the pub competes with the music from the club. At times I have had to raise my voice to be heard by whomever I am with when I walk past that venue on the far side of the road. This is Hornchurch – not Ibiza.

During the evening and well into the early morning the noise from not just this premises can be clearly heard a street or two away. The other premises in town close around midnight (or earlier).

As a local councillor, I hear from residents who complain as they cannot sleep, or report that the noise is such that having windows open drowns out their TV.

The clubbers and pub-goers leaving the Rising Sun between midnight and 3AM do not disperse quickly and quietly.

At that time of night, when all else is quiet – noise travels.

The queues that form to enter the nightclub apparently also attract drivers using Hornchurch Road to beep their horns, rev their engines and play loud music, possibly in an attempt to show off or attract the attention of the people queuing as they pass by. There is nothing the Rising Sun can do about this; it appears to be an unwanted effect from having a queue for a nightclub meters from a main road.

I am not against people having a good time, I am against Hornchurch becoming another Romford when it comes to late night issues.  The more venues and late licences, the more likely it will be that we attract trouble.

We had a reasonable balance in Hornchurch, I fear we are heading to a nighttime economy that will attract unwanted attention to the town,  I raised my concerns to the licensing committee, to me, adding a further venue to this establishment will only add to the noise, it will attract yet more people and potentially will have a negative impact on the residents living near the town centre. I have requested to speak at the licensing hearing.

Councillor Paul Middleton

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