New postbox topper puts a smile on the community’s face.


Havering’s crocheting queens Debbie and Kerry from Rainham have made a lovely new postbox topper. The new topper shows a man at his allotment harvesting his vegetables that he has grown. It is very topical as allotments are so dear to our local residents and harvest time is soon coming.

Debbie and Kerry were also recently nominated as community champions by the lovely ladies at Rainham Tesco. The two crocheting queens have been putting a smile on the community’s face for over a year now with their beautiful creations.

If you would like to see more of their crocheting, the two ladies have a stall at the Harris Academy Fun Day on Bank holiday Monday on Lambs Lane, Rainham.

Look out for their new postbox topper and let us know if you spot it and where it is!

Well done ladies!

New postbox topper.
Debbie and Kerry our community champions.
Bank Holiday fun day.

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