East London mums unite to demand action from government on the selling of knives.

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A group of mums from East London have gathered together to form a petition asking the government to create a license scheme where you have to purchase a license to sell knives. This is done in a bid to stop the illegal selling of knives to our youth and stop the spiralling knife crime epidemic.

The east London mums formed an organisation two years ago called the ‘Peace and Love Movement’ that travel around the country to promote love and not hate and work with other anti knife crime campaigners to stop our youth from getting involved in gangs and other violent activtities.

Mandy, a founder of the Peace and Love Movement told the Havering Daily:

“These zombie knives and rambo knives are sold on places like Snapchat and other internet sites very easily. The government recently introduced Prevention Orders but these take time to get from the courts and because of Covid the courts have a very long queue at the moment.

“We want to see a knife selling licensing scheme where shops have to purchase a license to sell knives and those that are caught selling knives illegally can face prosecution and fines.

“We need commitment from the government, They pretend to care but we know they don’t really. They put money into anti knife crime but where is the accountability on how it’s spent?

“There are lots of good anti knife crime campaigners but we need to be be prosecuting these companies who sell knives and send a clear message out to everyone.”

With knife crime escalating everyday these mums have a tough battle ahead of them, but their determination and commitment to this cause is amazing and without people like them, our society would suffer even more.

Mandy continued: “We are seeing 12/13 year old’s buying weapons on Snapchat so easily. This has to stop, we need firm action from the government now and we demand answers from them to help fight this horrific knife crime nightmare we are in.”

Please help these mums by signing their petition and getting the government to take accountability.

Any age, anyone can sign, let’s get these signatures! Please see petition link below:



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