Hornchurch and Upminster MP brings together stakeholders to tackle flooding in Abbs Cross Lane.

Yesterday, Julia Lopez MP held a meeting with key stakeholders who manage water drainage to discuss the problem of persistent flooding on Abbs Cross Lane, as well as locations in Harold Wood and Harold Hill affected by downpours on 25 June. Representatives of Transport for London, Havering Council, Network Rail, Thames Water, and Councillor Gerry O’Sullivan joined the meeting.

For many years, the section of Abbs Cross Lane where the road is bridged crossing the railway, has flooded during heavy rainfall, affecting residential homes on the north side. After a detailed discussion in which all stakeholders outlined their assets in the location, their condition and recent investigations to identify potential causes, it was agreed that stakeholders would meet to overlay maps to develop a better understanding of the utilities in the location. Following this, engineers will be meeting again on site in August to undertake further inspections and have committed to updating Julia and Councillor O’Sullivan in the middle of the month.

Alongside this persistent issue in Hornchurch, Julia also highlighted the recent flooding that had occurred in Harold Wood and Harold Hill on 25 June. Following floods in the Bates Road Industrial Estate, which is also in close proximity to the railway, Network Rail have advised that they will be reviewing the condition of culverts along the River Ingrebourne to ensure there is no disruption which would affect drainage in the location.

Other locations in Harold Hill saw significant flooding on 25 June, and ahead of the meeting Julia had raised concerns with Havering Council about the cleaning of gullies in Taunton Road, Ramsay Gardens and Noak Hill Road. The Council confirmed all gullies on these roads had been cleared alongside ditches in Hitchin Close and the south side of Noak Hill Road.

Julia said, ‘After the high levels of rainfall seen in late June, I appreciate the concerns constituents have raised about the impact of persistent flooding on their lives. I am grateful for all stakeholders and Councillor O’Sullivan joining the meeting so we could find a way forward. I am pleased that stakeholders will be sharing their data and surveys before they have a site visit in mid-August. I will be chairing a further meeting after this visit and will share information with constituents when I can.’

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