EXCLUSIVE: ‘We are fed up with the anti social behaviour going on’.

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Residents living near The Manor at Berwick Pond in Rainham are angry with the amount of noise and general anti social behaviour the venue is causing to the local community.

Last weekend saw two gatherings with what residents believe to be hundreds of people attending and chaos in nearby roads as they left the event.

Charlotte who lives on Upminster Road North, near the the Berwick Pond Manor told the Havering Daily:

“The level of anti social behaviour we experience here is awful. The music is extremely loud but we are used to that now. The biggest problems we have is the cars leaving causing chaos, they honk horns, drive fast, they pull up outside our properties and we can clearly see they are selling drugs on our streets, as we can smell cannabis.

“Last weekend two men had a fight outside our house, one car stopped outside then another stopped and a man was pulled out of his car and beaten up.”

The family are now fed up with the amount of anti social behaviour they are experience each weekend.

“We have tried to contact the customer care team there and they just tell us to call the police if we are not happy.

“The cars come past speeding, honking their horns and generally making a lot of noise.

“Last week we came out on our drives and were looking at what was going on and they saw us and jumped in their cars and started to speed off saying. ‘po po’ which we believe to be a slang term for the police.

“There must have been about 200 hundred people there.”

The family are now living with this fear of constant anti social behaviour every weekend.

Charlotte continued:

“We have to shut our windows in full summer due to the high level of anti social behaviour. The music starts just before 6pm and goes on until 12pm. Then we have all the cars speeding by using their horns and general noise disturbance.

“It is not fair for the community living here, we shouldn’t have to live like this.”

Footage taken of the vehicles causing general anti social behaviour.

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