New traffic restrictions on Minster Way in Hornchurch.

New traffic restrictions have been placed on Minster Way in Hornchurch following a series of accidents that have seen cars crashing into local houses and gardens.

The new traffic measures now mean you can not turn right from Minster Way on to Wingletye Lane or go straight over onto Maywin Drive, you can only turn left on to Wingletye Lane. It also means that you cannot turn left coming from Wingletye Lane onto Minster Way.

The new traffic measures have been placed following a request from locals living on Minster Way due to the increase in the number of accidents over the last two years.

St Andrew’s Ward councillor Paul Middleton told the Havering Daily:

“We had several discussions with residents living on Minster Way who were very concerned after having six accidents in the last two years down their road.

“These new measure have all been driven by locals and we have listened to what they have had to say. We looked at several different options to stop these accidents from taking place, another option was installing speed humps.”

Cameras have been installed at the top end of Minster Way, facing Wingletye Lane.

“It is an experimental traffic order for the moment for the next 6-18 months to see if it reduces the problems.”

There is currently a two week period of grace for anyone not adhering to the new regulations but after that, drivers will face a fine.

For further information, please see below.

The no left turn sign coming from Wingletye Lane onto Minster Way.
New traffic restrictions in place.

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  • 30th November 2021 at 11:01 am

    Has the restriction now been lifted


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