Victory for families in Blake Close.

Back in February Havering Council removed the final piece of play equipment from the Blake Close playground and the community raised this with Jon Cruddas MP. Following this, local residents Adeel Akhtar and Julia Offord Pearman, selected to stand for Labour in South Hornchurch at next year’s council election, and launched a petition to fully restore the site.

After the initial inquiry went in back in March, the council explained that works to replace the slide were in progress. It was this response that spurred the campaign, and the team mobilised local people to call on the council for real investment into the site.

This week following pressure from the Labour Action Team,Havering Council have announced that funding has been made available to regenerate the playground with new play equipment for local families and children. 

After learning that works are due to take place in the coming weeks Adeel and Julia said: “We are incredibly pleased with this outcome. Back in March we were devastated to see how neglected the site was. It was clear from speaking to local people that there was a real strength of feeling about getting the playground restored. There are a lot of families in the area and this result will make a real difference to their lives.”

Campaigners Adeel and Julia at the Blake Close play area.

One thought on “Victory for families in Blake Close.

  • 18th June 2021 at 10:33 am

    Wow! What’s happening in South Hornchurch? First, Mr White gives up land for the Allotment Society, and now a children’s playground is being reinstated. Is Mr White getting desperate for votes? Knowing there are local elections next year and he is very likely to lose his status, not to mention the reduced income, he’s got to start early to try and buy the votes he needs. Over the last few years, the council has removed many pieces of play equipment from many local sites. All on the premise that it cost too much to maintain. So what’s the difference now? Probably an election bribe as a substitute for the Garden Suburb he promised in South Hornchurch. Never mind South Hornchurch Mr White, restore the play equipment previously removed from all the wards in Havering. Now that would be a great vote winner, as many are not con controlled. Still won’t hold my breath, but our children can continue to dream about the past and what might be in the future.


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