DC Nemeth receives commendation for securing brutal rapist is bought to justice.

If you were looking for a reason to have Faith in the Met police then the incredible work undertaken by DC Angela Nemeth and her two colleagues will provide you with that very reason.

Thanks to the hard work, commitment and dedication shown by these three officers a horrific rapist was bought to justice. Angela and her colleagues worked tirelessly, day after day to secure an air tight conviction against a rapist who threatened his 20 year old victim with a knife, beat her senselessly, strangled her until she lost consciousness and then raped her, leaving her for dead in an alleyway.

At a commendation ceremony in Romford on Monday, DC Nemeth and her two colleagues were praised for their achievements that caught a rapist and put him away in jail.

DC Nemeth has been a police officer for 17 years and currently works in the Public Protection section on the rape side working for Operation Sapphire. She has been doing this role for six years and is an extremely dedicated officer who wants to bring some of society’s most disgusting criminals such as rapists, to justice.

She told the Havering Daily:

“Due to the nature of this awful crime, we wanted to make sure that we acted very swiftly and to the best of our ability to make sure that we got this individual. The victim was at the centre of our investigation and we did our best to support her throughout this terrible journey.

“The incident took place in June 2019 when the victim and her partner were walking in Ilford and a male began confronting the victim’s partner. An altercation took place and ten men jumped on him and began beating him.

“One of the males then grabbed the victim and demanded oral sex from her, saying he would stab her if she did not comply. She told him he would have to stab her then as she wasn’t going to do it, so he began punching her in the face repeatedly.

“The suspect then dragged her into a drive way where he strangled her until she was unconscious and then raped her. When she came to, she was undressed and covered in blood and obviously distraught.”

Following this truly horrific crime, Angela and her team began working non stop to make sure this suspect was bought to justice.

“We were lucky and had lots of footage from nearby shops showing the suspect laughing following the incident with his friends. The Ilford shopkeepers were very helpful and I’d like to thank them for providing us with all the CCTV footage from their stores.

“We had over 100 pieces of CCTV footage. This investigation was very fast moving and we wanted to get as much evidence as possible against the suspect.”

Thanks to Angela and her colleagues’ dedication, the evidence provided against him was over whelming, which meant that the suspect pleaded guilty in court.

“We had CCTV footage, we had DNA, we had a hand print and we used cell siting to track the suspect’s location through his phone placing him at the scene.”

The suspect pleaded guilty and was given seven and a half years in jail as the judge felt because of him being 21 year old he shouldn’t be given such a harsh sentence. He will only serve five years for a brutal and horrific crime that has left a victim mentally scarred for the rest of her life.

Well done to Angela and her colleagues, your commitment and hard work has meant another vile criminal has been taken off our streets.

Dc Angela Nemeth in the middle with East Area Commander Det Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman.

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