Remembering Grenfell by Trevor McKeever.

Former Firefighter Trevor McKeever today shares his thoughts on the Grenfell tragedy.

Four years on from the needless loss of 72 souls in the Grenfell tragedy, our thoughts must be with the families who lost loved ones, all the Emergency services that attended the incident in the early hours of the morning and subsequent days that followed.

Four years on, an ongoing inquiry and still no justice for the bereaved, I feel that it will be many years before this will be achieved, but with the resolve and the unity of the Grenfell community, justice will be served.

What have we learnt since the fire, we have found that corporate greed, Government deregulation in Fire Safety Standards and building control played a major part in this disaster.

I remember when the British Kite Mark on products meant quality was assured and tested to a standard,

How can a product be tested passed with a fire rating, for the company who produced the product, to then reduce the amount of fire retardant material in the product and sell that same product with the same fire rating, after watching a channel 4 documentary it was made clear that the Government are in bed with the plastics industry.

Four years on and the Government have failed to address this national building safety crisis, there are approximately 17,000 homes that are encompassed in the same Grenfell flammable cladding which effects some 320,000 people, in some cases this is having a debilitating effect on peoples mental health. The government needs to stop pussy footing around and take clear and decisive action to fix this cladding scandal and hold the developers to account and make them pay for their corporate greed. No person should have to pay for other people’s mistakes, let’s stop these Building company’s hiding behind defunct Building regulations and putting a pound note over people’s safety, everyone should be entitled to live in a property without the fear of, am I going to wake up in the morning?

The only way to stop this kind of incident happening again is to remove all Grenfell cladding and insulation from buildings, fire does not discriminate on height, but the Government would like us all to think it does, we know the fire at Grenfell started on the fourth floor and rapidly spread around and up the building, as an eminent Fire Safety Consultant Stated, why would you take a perfectly safe building and wrap it in a blanket of petrol?

Rest In Peace the 72 we shall not forget you.

Trevor McKeever is a Labour Candidate for the Beam Park Ward.

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