‘People of Havering, remember all your Emergency Service workers.’

Havering’s Fire Chief, Borough Commander Paul MClenaghan today shares his thoughts on the Grenfell tragedy.

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the Grenfell tower disaster and it is always a difficult day for myself and colleagues that attended and were involved in the whole incident. 72 lives were lost and we remember each and everyone of them and their families and loved ones.

I also think of all emergency responders that have been effected by the tragic incident and continue to be effected. We work for the emergency services but we are still human, and I just want to say to the people of Havering, remember all your emergency service workers are there to serve you and protect you, but we are human, so on a day like yesterday as we remember the lives lost at Grenfell, don’t forget to check in on your family and friends who work for the blue light services.

I also want to thank all my colleagues in the London Fire Brigade who are there to respond and protect the people of London.

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