VIDEO:Residents angry at party goers urinating up their garage doors.


Residents living along Berwick Pond Close have hit out at new neighbours who held a 40th birthday party that not only lasted 12 hours with over 200 people in a bungalow, but also at their parking that completely sealed off their small close not allowing other neighbours to drive down their road.

The party took place on Saturday and the sheer volume of cars parked down the small close meant that one resident was unable to drive his mother in law who has Parkinson’s, to his house but had to stop much further up and place her in a wheelchair to get her to his house.

One angry resident who did not wish to be named, told the Havering Daily:

“There are 11 houses and one bungalow down our road, out of the 11 properties, 7 are all aged over 60 and most of us sadly have heart troubles. If we had needed an ambulance, it would never have been able to get down our road due to the amount of vehicles that had been parked everywhere completely sealing our road off.”

The party hosts had sent out flyers saying that they would be hosting this party from 2pm until 10 am and had apologised in advance for any noise. However, they did state that residents would be dealing with cars parked everywhere which angered neighbours.

“That got my back up, I was pleased they let us know they were having a party but you need to respect others and not park all over their drives.”

The party actually lasted until 2am and the 200 plus part goers were seen spilling outside and urinating up garage walls.

“The loud noise did not bother us, what did bother us, was their total lack of respect in they way they parked, they sealed off our road, no one could get down here and even buses from nearby roads struggled to get through the many, many vehicles parked here.

“It shows a complete lack of respect for others. They have been here for just five weeks and we are angry with their behaviour towards their neighbours.”

Police are believed to have arrived just after 2am to disperse the 200 strong crowd that had gathered.

Vehicles blocking the Berwick Pond Close
Video of the vehicles blocking the close.

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