Khayer Chowdhury the crime cracking councillor who tackles anti social behaviour head on.

Councillor Khayer Chowdury is a very pro active and hardworking councillor who has dedicated his time to removing anti social behaviour from the streets of Ilford.

Known as the ‘zero tolerance’ councillor when it comes to cracking down on crime, councillor Chowdury stops at nothing to make sure his resident’s concerns are the top of his priorities.

Khayer is the Cabinet Member for Crime, Safety and Community Cohesion for Redbridge Council and Ward member for Valentine’s since 2014.

He told the Havering Daily:

“When I was appointed Cabinet Member in January I spent a lot of time in briefings with the police and listening to what they had to say and listening to our residents about the issues they had here in Redbridge.

“One of the biggest concerns locals had was the amount of low level anti social behaviour going on such as the aggressive street begging.

“I focused on this and soon realised that this was organised street begging that was often linked to pick pocketing, shop lifting and even drugs.”

Councillor Chowdhury decided to tackle this head on with his zero tolerance approach and organised targeted operations involving council enforcement officers and police officers to remove the beggars that blighted the streets of Redbridge.

“The operations are ongoing, there is no set date for when they will end. These forms of aggressive begging are happening across London and here we wanted to put a stop to it.

“We issued 24 Community Protection Orders and 6 Community Protection Notices. With these we can go to magistrate’s courts and start to target these organised beggars.

“This way we were also able to identify genuine rough sleepers and help get them off our streets.”

Khayer’s tough no nonsense approach is certainly working as these beggars have now moved on from Ilford town centre.

He continued:

“I’m tired of money being taken from innocent residents, especially as often this money is then used in bigger crime circles.

“My priority is to make the streets safe and look after our residents.”

When his tough stance on crime and strong working ethic, Councillor Chowdhury has certainly achieved this and attained an excellent reputation locally.

Councillor Chowdhury and officers on one of the many targeted operations.
Tackling low level anti social behaviour in Ilford town centre.

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