Collier Row woman remembers her hero dad who served the community.

Helen Osborn has thanked a company in Ilford for kindly framing her father’s jacket to remember a man who served his community all his life.

91 year old Tom just before he sadly passed away.

Helen has thanked Nickel Press who stepped up to the mark and framed Helen’s dad’s police tunic for her so that she can keep her father’s memory alive.

Helen’s father David Thomas Mitchell but known all his life as ‘Tom’ spent his life as a local ‘Bobby on the beat’ in Essex, dedicating his career to his local community.

Helen and her hero dad.

She told the Havering Daily: “My father was originally from Wales, he worked at the Seven Bells Colliery digging for coal during the war. It was in 1953 that he moved down to Chelmsford and joined the police.

“He really was the old fashioned type ‘Bobby on the beat’. He knew how to handle all the situations that arose and he didn’t fear anything.

“I remember when our local dance hall had attracted some unwanted people and my dad walked in on his own and being 6’4 inches tall was a big presence and was able to come out with culprits under his arm!”

The local man was quite a legend in the area and when the family moved to Bures, he carried on serving his local community.

“We lived in the police house as it was then and he really cared about all the locals in his area. My dad was such a character and everyone loved him.”

Tom inspired two of his sons to join the police as well, one who served in Essex police and the other in Lincolnshire.

Tom and one of his son’s who also joined the police.

“I’m so grateful to Nickel press for what they have done. It really feels like my dad has come home.”

Thanks to Nickel Press for framing Tom’s tunic.

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