Rainham councillor hits back after being called racist.

Yesterday the Havering Daily ran two stories regarding comments made by Rainham Councillor David Durant.

Today, Councillor Durant writes in response:

The council administration are promoting different forums for different employees to discuss different issues. There are about seven forums at the moment covering a range of different personal characteristics as opposed occupations. These forums are advertised to employees and members and one was recently advertised for Black and Minority Ethnic employees, with a promise that a meeting for White employees would be held at a latter date. These meetings can discuss important matters and I suggested they discuss the government decision to racialize the experimental vaccination roll-out as I fear it will adversely impact on community relations.

I explained why, but at the end as a postscript, I did light-heartedly highlight the difficulty of deciding what forum to attend due to many overlapping differences, and because frankly as an old socialist I think employees should attend trade union meetings to discuss jobs, pay and conditions, not agree to be segregated into forums discussing personal characteristics issues. Of course in their free time employees can attend any meetings they choose, but I don’t think it should be promoted in work time by the administration, and employees should beware an employer tactic to undermine the solidarity needed to defend jobs, pay and conditions

Its unfortunate, but to be expected, that the Administration and Labour have found common cause to attack me for opposing apartheid forums, the new racism, and experimental ‘mass-vaccinations’.

One thought on “Rainham councillor hits back after being called racist.

  • 26th May 2021 at 12:49 pm

    Better late than never, to be able to reply Mr Durant. Are Labour Fay and Mr Blake-Herbert prepared to respond to your reply, or are they just too big-headed to step back and accept there was no racism on your part? I doubt it very much. United we stand, divided we fall. It is so obvious what the administration is doing by way of multiple forums for minorities to discuss specific aspects for each group. A date for a white employee’s forum would be set at a later date. Question to the administration, ‘Why wasn’t a date set at the same time as all the other forums? Or, was that an afterthought because someone dared to stand up and exercise their right to free speech and question the way things were being done? WE ARE ALL EQUAL SO WE SHOULD ALL BE TREATED THE SAME. It should have been multiple forums for everyone, with anyone free to attend any specific forum. That way, there would be no hint of underhand racism on anyone’s part, and no obvious attempt to divide everyone by their ethnicity. Problem, there is none so blind as those who choose not see, and who will always try to make political gain using the cover of covert racism for their own means.


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