‘I’m scared to leave my house as every time I go out the property floods’.

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A woman who fled domestic violence was re-homed in a property where the boiler has only worked three or four days out of the eight weeks she has been living there.

The woman who can not be named, moved to a masionette in Hilldene Avenue to escape a violent partner. She moved in eight weeks ago with her four children one of whom is disabled and has found herself without water or heating on most days.

She told the Havering Daily: “The boiler in the property was very old so they installed a new one before I moved in that I was very pleased about, but since then it breaks down most days meaning either that myself and my children have no heating or water, or it leaks and leaves the property ankle deep in water.

“I can’t believe a new boiler could be so bad. The normal procedure is that I put a call out for an engineer and then they have to call the boiler man out.I wait for ages and everyday this boiler does this.

“I’m scared to go out because every time I return I find the property flooded and now my neighbours are angry with me as this is going through the roof down to them and it is effecting their properties as well.”

The Harold Hill mother is angry with the way this has been dealt with.

“I email my housing officer but he chooses to respond when suits him. I’ve asked him for a number to contact him and he doesn’t send me one so it is really difficult for me to get this dealt with properly. Last time I waited in for the engineer and no one came, when I chased this up I was told he had gone to the wrong property.

“Last week the boiler flooded again and it had to be turned off so whilst I was waiting the whole day for the engineer we had no water. This meant my son could not take his medication and could not have a bath. My son suffers with ADHD and one of the things that helps calm him down is having a hot bath and he’s not been able to have this as we’ve not had any hot water.

“It has been a nightmare, this boiler has worked three or four days out of the eight weeks we have been here.We are used to being without heating and hot water now as this is a daily occurrence. It is terrible.”

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