Anger at Rainham Councillor’s racist remarks.

A Havering Councillor has angered residents with his racist comments on a talk taking place on dealing with racism in the work place.

Rainham councillor David Durant stated in response to the above talk: “You say to provide a similar safe space for all, there will be a similar event for white colleagues in the near future. Alas! I’m in a quandary as to what forum meetings to attend as although I’m not a light skinned Black, I’m often a particularly when the sun shines, a dark skinned white, albeit on zoom I often look red, but I suppose my dilemma can be solved with self identification as the need arises!”

These comments have angered many who feel that he is ridiculing people of different skin colours and making a mockery of an important event in the community.

The talk taking place is being run by Havering’s BAME forum and is there for our BAME community to attend and share any experiences they may have of racism in the workplace.

Prospective Labour Councillor for the Rainham ward Fay Hough was outraged with these comments and told the Havering Daily:

“As a mother of two mixed raced children and also someone who has aspirations to be a councillor I find it absolutely disgusting that a local politician can joke so openly about skin colours.

“Clearly Councillor Durant chooses to ignore the growing racism and hate crime happening around the world which is seeing people lose their lives due to the colour of their skin. I hope Durant retracts his comments and makes a public apology.

“There is no room for fascism and racism in our borough, and if Durant cannot accept this (being that he is an ex National Front member) then he should stand down as a councillor. I hope Havering’s electoral services investigate Durant’s comments.”

6 thoughts on “Anger at Rainham Councillor’s racist remarks.

  • 25th May 2021 at 8:55 am

    I’m surprised I wasn’t contacted first for comment before this sensationalist item appeared. Clearly others were contacted and sadly gave a racist response to my anti-racist comments. My comments part of a much larger article were drawing attention to the council administration promoting workplace apartheid with separate meetings for BAME and White employees. Surely something Labour Fay would find appalling?

    • 25th May 2021 at 11:10 am

      The fact that you cannot see the wrongdoing in your comment shows that you clearly have the same ideologies as your National Front friends. There’s no place for councillors like you in this borough. If you think it’s OK to joke about the colour of peoples skin then I question you being able to represent the people of Rainham. BAME employees deserve a forum to discuss issues that effect them in the workplace, racism is on the rise and your comments are proof of that. How must them officers feel knowing there are councillors in the town hall who mock their identity. Shame on you.

  • 25th May 2021 at 10:49 am

    Typical Havering Daily, (bit like the US Police), shoot first and ask questions afterwards. Racism is not to be tolerated anywhere, but to print an article without all the facts and speaking to all involved, lends ones self to think there is a political agenda behind the story appearing as it has. Mr Durrant, please pass your entire article to the Havering Daily so we can all see where it has been taken out of context. If the publishing of the above item proves to be an attempt at political points scoring, then we will all know what to expect from the ‘political elite’ when similar stories are published in the future.

  • 25th May 2021 at 12:25 pm

    Dear L Jones,

    Labour Fay’s response shows how a once proud Labour Party has replaced campaigning about jobs, pay and conditions in favour of divisive identity politics, replacing solidarity with grievance and offence, in which every difference is an offence.

    Its called topsy-turvy Corporate Woke aka workplace apartheid is now dressed up as the new anti-racism, when clearly its the new old time racism, which Labour Fay clearly doesn’t understand albeit I think the term “racist” is now mostly used as an unthinking swear word to silence debate.

    I sent Havering Daily the entire text before they published the news story, perhaps at the instigation of others, but they are free to publish the FULL text if they so wish.

    • 25th May 2021 at 1:32 pm

      Or maybe Councillor Durrant you are out of touch with modern day politics where it’s NOT OK to discuss skin colour how you did.

      I understand solidarity. I stand in solidarity with the staff at Havering Council who have had to read your disrespectful comments and I welcome Havering Council holding events to stamp out racism and inequality in the workplace. It’s a really shame that you don’t.

      Maybe spend more time doing the job your paid to do then spreading hate speech on COVID-19 and race. If your unaware of your job description feel free to Google ‘what’s my role as a councillor’ and take time out to study. Might just help you.


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