VIDEO: ‘Havering needs to take back control from the Mayor and City Hall’- Andrew Rosindell MP

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell tackled the Prime Minister yesterday to ask for help for outer London Boroughs such as Havering that are ignored and forgotten about by the London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

During question time Mr Rosindell told Boris that Havering, has very different needs and aspirations and that it still prides itself in being part of Essex.

Mr Rosindell said:

“Whilst we need co operation on things such as transport, will he please accept that it is time for reform the way London and the wider regions are governed and to support my campaign to support borough’s like Havering to take back control from the mayor and City Hall interference and allow Havering and all outer London boroughs the freedom to make our own decisions that meet the best need for our people.”

We are one of the biggest London boroughs, but Havering does not get the same support as the many inner London boroughs receive.

In response, the Prime Minister told Mr Rosindell:

“I can understand the feeling of frustrations by the people of Havering about the current Mayor who does not understand the need of outer London Boroughs, who has not invested in outer London boroughs the way the previous mayor did and set up the outer London fund.”

Mr Rosindell during Prime Minister’s question time yesterday.

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: ‘Havering needs to take back control from the Mayor and City Hall’- Andrew Rosindell MP

  • 20th May 2021 at 8:43 am

    The LONDON Borough of Havering has never been part of Essex. It’s main town, Romford, is known as the Capital of east London. To suggest that the area is in anyway somehow Essex is ludicrous. The county of Essex is a naturally beautiful rural county & the Londoners of Havering enjoy visiting it but they know that they are not residents of that county. What is now the London Borough of Havering was a part of Essex prior to April 1965. That’s part of the area’s history. But being London and being removed from Essex is also part of the area’s history, and that won’t be watered down by misleading nonsense suggesting that the area is somehow still part of a county it left over half a century ago.

  • 20th May 2021 at 9:35 am

    Talking sence at last but not while Damien whytte is still in power

  • 20th May 2021 at 1:33 pm

    Mr Johnson’s response to Mr Rosindale in telling him how he understands the frustrations of the people of Havering about the current Mayor, is about as phoney as his promise to have the problems at Gallows Corner resolved by spring 2016. More hollow words from another conservative trying to score points on the current Mayor. If, after 8 years in office, (subject to the missing year lost by way of the pandemic), Mr Khan hasn’t resolved the Gallows Corner flyover issue, then Mr Rosindale and Mr Johnson, you can both get on your ‘high horses’ and crow about Mr Khan’s incompetence. Actually, you won’t have to, your cohort and GLA member, Mr Prince, has promised the Havering people that he is going to get it all sorted for us. They’re pink and prepped to fly…..


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