Bus driver angry at motorists who drive recklessly around the deer.

A Havering bus driver is angry at the way reckless drivers speed along Noak Hill putting the life of the deer in that area in danger. The driver who did not wish to be named, is based at the Rainham bus garage and sees acts of careless driving that not only cause accidents but also endanger the life of the deer in Harold Hill.

Harold Hill and Noak Hill have many deer that frequently walk around the area, they are beautiful creatures that locals love to see in the area. Sadly, not all motorists are understanding and many will speed by without any care for the animal’s well being.

The bus driver told the Havering Daily: “I drive many buses along the Noak Hill area and across Havering, it really saddens me to see people who have no respect for our wildlife. First thing in the morning on an early shift I see many deer on our streets. At that time in the morning we can’t use our horn, so I normally slow my bus right down and wait for the deer to move past. Yet I see motorists not slowing down, just swerve past them and not care if they hit one of them. It’s really terrible. I see how bad people drive and it makes me really angry.

“As bus drivers we have to be very wary of other road users.Our passengers are our first concern so we make sure their journey is smooth but that is often difficult with some motorists. We have people who continuously try and over take us without looking and drive in a crazy manner. The madness we see is unimaginable.

“Last week a person over took my bus and did not see another motorist pulling out of a nearby junction and there was an awful accident. People do not look first, they drive aggressively and then cause accidents.

“All it takes is a bit of consideration for our wildlife and other road users.”

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