May 23 – ‘A Walk for Julia’. Let’s unite and stand together for another murdered lady.


On May 23 people across the country will be doing a special ‘Walk for Julia’. People are being invited to come out at 10 am with their dog and participate in a walk in honour of the murdered PCSO Julia James in Kent.

Londoners come out and stand united and show your support for another murdered woman on our streets.

Julia was found next to Akholt Wood, Snowden in Kent after taking her dog for a walk on 27th of April. To pay tribute to the murdered PCSO, people across the country are being asked to come out and walk their dog in her memory.

The event has been organised by Sally Anne Bedford who told the Havering Daily:

“I started the first walk with a couple of my friends, and before I knew it almost  thirty women in Cheshire wanted to join us. Then I was contacted by a retired police officer from Whitley Bay (Barbara Cornfoot) who saw my media post and said she would like to set on up in her area. So we created a public page and in just a day we have walks happening from Cheshire to Lanzarote and still growing!

“I was very touched and shocked by the death of Julia James, I also walk my dogs alone in the daytime and like her, I am an older woman. Following her death I expected the same furore in the media (press and social) as was rightly given when other deaths have occurred, but there was very little if anything. I can’t help but think it is her age that has something to do with that. It struck me (and others feel the same) if anything happened to us then we also would be largely ignored like Julia. 

“I wanted to do something for her, not a protest, but a peaceful dog walk in her memory and hundreds of others feel exactly the same. “

Sally Anne added- “May 23rd at 10 am – You can walk alone, or with friends. If you are able create a local walk (we will help you create the event page). Wear a blue ribbon if you can get one and hashtag any social media with #adogwalkforjuliajames so that we can gather how many people took part. We ask that COVID guidelines are adhered to so that police resources are not used up. If you have more than 30 women we ask that you simply split the group. 
It’s incredibly important to remember Julia’s life. She isn’t just a statistic, she was a mum, daughter, wife and friend to many. I have read comments from her friends and family and she is remembered with so much love and fondness. Through her work as a PSCO she helped women in abusive relationships, she has certainly left her mark on the world and given back. The least we can do is walk to remember and celebrate her life, and as she loved her dog Toby, a dog walk seemed the most appropriate way to do it.”

For further information please see the Facebook page ‘A dog walk for Julia.’ Let’s remember Julia James and come out in support of another murdered lady in our society.

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