‘There is mould all over the walls and the roof is leaking’-mother of mental health sufferer begs for help.

The mother of a mental health sufferer is appealing for help for her daughter who is living in squalid conditions with two very young children. The woman from Harold Hill who did not wish to be named, is desperate to get her 22 year old daughter moved as her mental health has deteriorated to the point that she is scared to go out of her own balcony.

In an exclusive interview with the Havering Daily she tells us about the appalling conditions her daughter lives in.

“She was living in Abercrombie House last year where she was regularly threatened by others living in the hostel. One person actually found her at the Hilldene shops whilst she was taking her son out and screamed in her face, knowing full well she was pregnant and had her young son in the pram.

“The conditions there were awful and we got her mental health support team to write to the council and beg them to please move her.

“She was finally moved to a top floor flat just opposite Abercrombie House along Hilldene Avenue. She struggled being pregnant to go up and down all the flights of stairs with her young son and his pram and began to lose blood. She then went into premature labour and had the baby five weeks early. Her mental health began to suffer even more at this stage and we were all really worried about her. Her health is still bad as she is still losing blood and having regular hospital appointments.

“The flat she is living in is a total disgrace. There is mould everywhere which we think is starting to affect the children’s health. The roof is leaking as there is water pouring down the walls. We have begged the council to please help and they came to paint over the mould but it just came straight back again. My daughter is cleaning it daily but she has an 18 months old child and a baby to look after and her physical and mental condition is poor.

“We are all really worried about her. The conditions there are terrible. Her mental health team has written endless letters to the council urging them to please move her as she cannot go on like this. She is scared to go out of her flat, she struggles to go up and down the flights of stairs with a baby and a toddler and the prams and then shopping if she has to get some.

“She was offered a ground floor flat in Rush Green but she told the council that she needs to stay in Harold Hill otherwise she will lose her mental health support team that have been the vital life line for her.

“I’m very worried about her, that flat is awful, there isn’t even a fire exit there for her to get out of if something happens. She is suffering with severe anxiety and struggles everyday. We need to get her moved as soon as possible.”

Mould in the top floor flat.

One thought on “‘There is mould all over the walls and the roof is leaking’-mother of mental health sufferer begs for help.

  • 10th April 2021 at 3:08 pm

    This would be a brilliant bit of PR for our beloved Leader. Nothing like getting stuck in when the Council won’t do anything about the disgusting conditions this lady is living in. How many times do we hear of the Council telling us, the general public, about how they find the state of some of the homes of private renters, yet they can’t get their own house in order. What do they say,’People living in glass house shouldn’t throw stones’. I bet Mr White’s and his cronies houses aren’t in this state, even if they are Council owned!


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