Hornchurch FC reach the FA Trophy final.

Manager Mark Stimson is definitely the number one man in Hornchurch at the moment. We spoke to his first team coach for Hornchurch FC and about how Mark has led his team to the finals of the FA Trophy on Saturday 22nd of May, something that has never been achieved before. Not only will our local club be going to the hallowed Wembley turf, but it will also be the first game that limited spectators will be allowed back into a venue to watch a sporting event. What a historic day this will be.

Former player Jamie Southon was bought up in Hornchurch and chose to return as a coach, he is a local boy and now a local community hero who has put a smile on the Havering community’s face following a very challenging period due to Covid.

He told the Havering Daily: “It was a fantastic achievement last Saturday to beat Notts County, they are one of the oldest clubs in the country and with all the recent restrictions we have hardly been able to play any matches.”

The team is made up of part time players and has only been able to play one game a month and had to get special permission from the Football Association to train.

“We haven’t had competitive matches like full time players and have struggled to train due to all the restrictions, so to reach the final like this has really been amazing.”

Jamie is eager to thank all his very loyal fans in the community who waited for the coach to return Saturday evening with their flags to cheer the team on and show their support in reaching the final.

“Our fans have not been able to see any of the matches in this cup run, but their support is incredible and we want to win this for them and the whole of our town. It has been a magnificent achievement getting to the final and we are determined to win this for everyone.”

The team have not only faced challenges regarding training but have also faced teams of players who are in higher leagues and are full time players.

“It has been a challenge for us. We have beaten teams in leagues higher than ourselves with full time players. Fitness has been tough but we have made it to the final. We really do want to win this for the whole of our community who have shown us so much loyalty.”

Well done Jamie and to all the team and staff involved in reaching the finals of the FA Trophy. Following a very difficult time in the borough due to the high levels of Covid, this has put a smile our the community’s face and given them something to look forward to.

Go Urchins!

First team coach Jamie Southon.

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