Couple struggling financially order £147 of food shopping for it to never arrive.


A woman and her partner from Harold Hill struggling to make ends meet ordered £147 worth of shopping online only for it to be never delivered.

Amy has been ordering from the large Romford based superstore through click and collect for the past two years, however four weeks ago her delivery never arrived and has not been seen since or has she ever been compensated for it.

She told the Havering Daily: “My delivery was due on the 27th of February between 4-6pm, I waited until 8pm and still nothing. I then began to contact the superstore but their helpline was closed, so I took to twitter. They ignored me for four days, I never had any contact with them, nobody returned my calls or answered my emails. I literally had to bombard them with tweets until someone actually responded to me.

“I then explained what had happened, how my delivery had not arrived and they accused me of lying. I finally managed to get hold of someone in the Mercury Mall based store in Romford and they promised to call me back and help me sort it out and of course they never did. This argument went on for a month and they carried on accusing me of lying and telling me that they had cctv footage of my shopping being delivered. I asked to see this cctv footage and of course they couldn’t show it to me.”

Amy and her partner struggle to buy their weekly shopping and had to borrow money from a family member to replace the shopping that never came.

“Imagine if that was a family with children, those children would have gone without food and that family would not not know what to do. It’s disgusting really. They accuse me of lying, they insist they have cctv footage of my order being delivered, well let me see it then! I have emailed so many people including their CEO and no one has responded. £147 worth of shopping is a lot of money for us.

“I don’t know what has happened to my shopping, if it was given to the wrong person, but I know I have never received an apology or any compensation for my order. It’s disgusting how they can get away with it like this.”

The Havering Daily has contacted the superstore for a response and none has been offered so far.

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