Rainham lady attacked by gang of teenagers on her way home.

A Rainham lady who had cares for her elderly mother, was attacked on the way home by a group of teenagers trying to intimidate her on Saturday night.

The 60 year old mum had left her mum’s house just after 9pm and was driving through Hornchurch town centre when she was approached by a group of twenty teenagers running in the road and coming up to her car.

She told the Havering Daily: “I was just near Sainsbury’s when I saw this large group of teenagers aged between 13-16 years old. They ran in the road and had a shopping trolley, I had to stop my car as they were running in front of me. They then ran at me and then I heard a loud bang noise and I felt something hit my car and I saw that they had thrown the trolley at the back of my car.

“I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to get out of my car as the roads were empty and no one else was around. I knew they had thrown the trolley on my car but I didn’t want to get out as I was scared.

“I felt very intimidated and shaken up as I was on my own. I got my phone out and went to call for help when they all ran off towards Langtons. I am scared to drive on my own now. There was so many of them and they could see I was alone.”

The Rainham mum now has an alarm with her and keeps it in her car for safety everywhere she goes.

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