Amazing Alex under takes the Hadrian’s Wall virtual challenge for the Sycamore Trust.

It’s Autism Awareness Week in a fortnight and The Sycamore Trust have been encouraging local people to get sponsorship for their regular walking, to the shops, to school, or even just around the garden. But that was nowhere near challenging enough for Alex Rowley, one of the Sycamore Trust Autism Ambassadors.

Alex, from Rush Green, has set himself the target of completing the Hadrian’s Wall Virtual Challenge, which takes you 90 miles (145 km) along the historic Hadrian’s Wall path across the north of England. Alex will be walking with his father Tony, who has accompanied Alex on previous walks, but this is the first one where they are aiming to raise money for the Sycamore Trust.

Alex explained; “Sycamore Trust U.K. has been there for me since 1998, providing my travel training when I started secondary school, giving me my first job when I was 18, even being responsible for me meeting my fiancée! They have been a huge part of overcoming my barriers as an autistic person, which is why I chose the Hadrian’s Wall challenge, as a 90-mile-long literal representation of that.”

For several years, Alex has been an integral part of the Sycamore Trust Autism Ambassadors, who have been delivering Autism Awareness presentations to the community. The AA presentations also recently achieved CPD status, making them more attractive to the business community. Sycamore operates the Autism Hub in Romford’s Liberty Centre, which is set to re-open in April, once restrictions are lifted. The charity supports families and individuals on the autistic spectrum in Barking & Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge.

For the Hadrian’s Wall virtual challenge, Alex will be walking with his father Tony, but it’s not the first time they have been on a long distance walk together. Alex said; “We have been doing long-distance walking together since I was 8 years old. Across these walks, we’ve built up a father-son bond that no other activity could have achieved. Until now, it felt disingenuous to try raising money on these walks, because I would have done them regardless. But this one, on Autism Awareness Week, is just for Sycamore!”

If you’d like to know more, or if you’d like to sponsor them with any amount, large or small, go to;

Alex and his dad raising money for charity.

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