Protected trees bulldozed by landowner.


On Wednesday the Havering Daily ran an exclusive story of angry residents living on Copthorne Gardens in Honrchurch who woke up over the weekend to bulldozers brutally destroying trees that had preservation orders on them.

This awful act of destruction by the landowner has left residents along the road angry and upset.

The council were informed due to the area being greenbelt land and the trees having preservation orders on them.

They told the Havering Daily:

“Our officer visited Copthorne Gardens on Saturday morning after residents alerted us to trees being cut down.

“After assessing the situation the officer asked the contractor to stop work, which he did.

“The land is subject to a 1987 tree preservation order and we have since issued a new order while we carry out an investigation into the site.

“The landowner was originally asked to trim back some overhanging trees by the Council as they were affecting lorries during their waste collections.”

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