Remembering Jodie two years on.

Last weekend the Havering community remembered Jodie Chesney, two years after being murdered in a Harold Hill park. 17 year old Jodie was out with her friends when she was stabbed from behind at Amy’s Park. Following her death the park is now permanently purple with ribbons everywhere placed by the local community in honour of the 17 year old whose death devastated not only her family but the whole community.

The Havering anti knife crime charity ‘Take A Knife Save A Life’ was set up as a result of Jodie’s murder.

Today activist and Co-ordinator Robert Dean shares with the Havering Daily his views on the anniversary of her death.

“Two years ago, our community was devastated with the barbaric murder of a beautiful young lady called Jodie Chesney. Following this horrific stabbing, Take a Knife, Save a Life have continued to work in our Havering in order to make a difference to the community, removing dangerous weapons and knives from our parks and streets, offering guidance and liaising with all our community, young or old.

“From here on wards, the future of Taksal along with new initiatives offering support and guidance, partnerships, apprenticeships etc is to continue to make that change for all but most definitely our next generation that we need to be looking after and keeping away from knife crime.

“We do this everyday holding dear Jodie in our hearts and thoughts. Such a young innocent girl whose life was robbed from her so tragically. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this time.”

Jodie’s death shocked the local community who woke up Saturday morning two years ago to learn that a 17 year old girl had been murdered in one of their parks, for no reason at all, and still today the stabbings continue.

Rest in Peace Jodie.

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