Dagenham man sentenced to life imprisonment for rape.

A man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for raping a woman in Peckham.

Taofiq Laguda, 46 (22.12.74) of Dagenham was sentenced on Thursday, 25 February at Woolwich Crown Court.

He must serve a minimum of seven years.

Laguda was convicted of rape and theft at the same court on Wednesday, 27 January.

On 24, January 2020, at around 01:30hrs, Laguda spotted the victim walking alone after making her way home from work in Peckham.

Laguda approached the victim in his car and asked her for directions. He proceeded to offer her a lift towards the direction she was travelling in. The woman accepted the offer. He then drove her to a secluded location, locked her in the car and raped her.

After committing the offence, Laguda fled the scene in the car leaving the victim abandoned on the side of the road.

Detectives located Laguda and the car through ANPR data linked through the victim’s phone that she had at with her at the time of the incident. The data showed that he was not the registered keeper of the car and that he was on life license in which he had conditions to not drive.

Laguda plead not guilty in court but was convicted by unanimous verdict by the jury.

Detective Constable Daniel Weeks, said: “This horrific attack strikes at the heart of our society. The victim has shown tremendous resilience throughout this ordeal, the police investigation and subsequent trial. My thanks goes to all the officers and partner agencies who relentless worked on this case to ensure justice.”

Detective Inspector Spencer Thomas said: “Taofiq Laguda is a very dangerous man who raped a female he enticed off the street. He poses a significant risk to women and I am pleased that he has been convicted of these offences. The police have a responsibility to protect the public from this kind of individual.

“I would like to pay tribute to the victim who had the courage to report this distressing assault to police, and attend court to give evidence against Laguda. I hope that this outcome gives the victim and her family a measure of comfort and closure.”

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