Mungo Park Road blighted by masked men attempting to break into houses.

Residents living along Mungo Park Road in Elm Park have voiced their concerns following a spate of attempted burglaries and car thefts in the area.

Residents have been frequently woken up to intruders trying their front door handles or masked men trying to get into their vehciles.

CCTV footage of man attempting to break in.

One local residents who lives along Mungo Park Road who did not wish to be named, told the Havering Daily: “This started about a year ago when the road was resurfaced here. It wasn’t done well and cars were slipping on the road. Then we had two serious incidents where a drunk driver crashed into the front of house, through their front room and another driver crashing into a property.

“This seems to have been the catalyst for the start of all these events. Two months ago we had a man jump out of his car and try door handles down our road. He was literally bunny hoping down the road, jumping out of his car and trying our door handles. I believe he was finally caught in what was one of the slowest police car chases ever. We were told that he had come from a nearby travellers site.”

The problems are ongoing in the area and residents are now concerned about these incidents.

“We have many elderly residents in the area and they are scared now. One house had three different sets of people lift up their garden fence and try and get into their property.

“Recently there were two men in small works van going round trying car handles who stole all the hub caps from my father’s car. We believe they were from the nearby traveller site. We’ve also had men with dark clothing on trying to get into people’s front doors.

“It’s all very worrying and people are concerned. The police have been informed and have been very supportive.”

CCTV footage of man who is believed to have attempted to break into vehicles.

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