Crater size pot hole in Rainham filled.

A giant pothole that been bursting car tyres every day has been filled following the intervention of Havering’s Council Leader.

On Friday 12th of February, The Havering Daily ran a story on a crater along Upminster Road North that had been bursting car tyres daily as they drove passed it.

Charlotte, who lives opposite the crater sized pothole had spoken to the Havering Daily and informed us that everyday car tyres were being punctured and that her husband had even been hit by flying debris coming from the pot hole.

The Havering Daily contacted Councillor Damian White to inform him of the problem and the Leader immediately intervened.

Well done to all the locals for logging this problem and pushing to get this hole filled as quickly as they could and thank you to our Council Leader, Councillor White for getting this repaired the day after.

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