EXCLUSIVE:’My mother is broken, we are all heartbroken’-Ricky Wellington’s sister.

After ten days of being missing, the body of Ricky Wellington was sadly found just off Crow Lane in Romford. In an exclusive interview with the Havering Daily, Ricky’s sister Kimberley talks about her brother and the heartbreak the family have suffered.

33 year old Ricky from Hornchurch was found day ten days in a place no family member can understand why and the family have not had any closure as the post mortem did not reveal any significant cause of death.

“We thought we would find answers following the post mortem. Ricky suffered with epilepsy following a bike accident a few years ago, so we thought that could be the cause of his death. However, the coroner has not been able to find any cause of death or even a day he died, so we don’t even have a death certificate. Now there will be an inquest into his death. That makes closure for us as a family really difficult,” said Kimberley.

“The past few weeks have been very traumatic for us. We knew Ricky would often go out and visit friends or go for a walk but by Sunday when we had not heard anything from him, we all started to get very worried. We still do not know why he was found there, there is no explanation for him going there at all and the CCTV footage shows him arriving there on the Friday he left.”

Ricky was found on a patch of green just off Crow Lane, down an alley way at the back of some garages. “It is a very secluded place and beautiful but there is no reason for Ricky to go there. He liked the Country park in Hornchurch. As we don’t know why he went there or how he died, it is really hard for us to understand all of this.

“I promised my mum that no matter what I would bring Ricky home and sadly it was not how we wanted. We had hope and we searched and looked everywhere for him. My mother is broken, we are all heartbroken. Ricky was a twin and Dean his twin brother said to me on the first Sunday he went missing ‘I think he’s already dead.’ That’s when we started to look in rivers and places like that.”

Ricky’s death bought the whole community together, people across Havering joined in searches to find him. The picture of his happy smiling face was shared across east London in the hope that someone may have seen him.

“I have had endless messages of support and people that I don’t even know come out and help us search for him. We have been overwhelmed by people’s support.

“Ricky didn’t even have half a life he was just 33 years old. He was a very kind and loving person. He loved his dogs and he loved his nieces and nephews. He was always giving me money to buy something for my children. We don’t want Ricky’s name to ever be forgotten.”

A go fund me page has been launched to help, please see the link below to donate.


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