One man and his team tackling drugs across east London.

Detective Sergeant Owen Morgan is a very motivated officer who is dedicated to removing drugs of the streets of East Area. Sergeant Morgan runs the Drugs Focus Desk for Havering, Barking and Dagenham and Redbridge alongside four other officers and their aim is to rid our streets of drugs.

Yesterday he spoke to the Havering Daily about his tireless work to clean up East Area’s streets from drugs.

“We are here to investigate all drug supply. There are ongoing issues of cannabis factories across the area and with lockdown we have seen a rise in these factories. Our aim is to help the public and keep London safe.

“There is a link between violent crime and drugs and that affects all the communities right across London. People don’t really know the impact of drug supply and as such it is important for us to make sure we tackle all aspects. We work on drug trafficking and drug supply, to people actively selling drugs on our streets.

“We want to make sure people are not being approached on the streets by these drug sellers.”

Sergeant Morgan and his team cover all aspects of drugs right across the board and as he mentions, one important issue is education.

“Educating people is also very important. We check the custody areas everyday to see if there have been any drug related issues. If someone has been arrested for drugs and is a first time offender then we look at educating them and helping them. It is important to refer people to the right agencies to get any help them may need. It is also important to remember that some people out there are victims.

“We work with a multitude of agencies, closely with councils if we have to issue Criminal Behaviour Orders. “
Sergeant Morgan is also very keen to encourage people to please report any concerns they have.

“We understand many people aren’t comfortable telling the police but I would encourage the public to please come forward and share with us so we can actively investigate issues.”

“I am one person with a small team but we are making a difference”.

Well done to Sergeant Morgan and his team of officers. They are actively working tirelessly on our east London streets to diminish drug crime right across our area.

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