VIDEO: Cruel couple cut down endless trees destroying a community.

A callous and cruel couple living along The Drive in Harold Wood have cut down many trees on an access road destroying endless wildlife and the whole community spirit.

Residents who live along The Drive and along Wessex Lane that backs on to the access road have been left heartbroken following the total destruction of the trees, some as old as 60 that have been brutally cut, with their stumps drilled into and a toxic liquid poured on to make sure the trees do not grow back.

The cruel couple sadly purchased the land that has garages along it and backs on to the residential properties along The Drive and immediately began the massacre and destruction of wildlife.

Adela Meer who lives on Wessex Lane, contacted the Havering Daily completely heartbroken after witnessing the destruction of the trees.

“It was a beautiful view from our terrace. We all promoted wildlife there, we had birds and foxes and many other animals that would live there. All the residents both new and old would love looking over at all the trees. It was like nature’s barrier from our road to the other houses on the next road.

“In 2018 this couple decided to buy the access lane to these garages without telling anyone and started demanding people stop using this access road. People had their compost there and other such items to help with the wildlife and that immediately was removed.

“They also began making other people’s life a misery, telling them that their property was in the way of their access road and other such things. They were then advised that they could not cut down any trees for five years, yet they began the cutting straight away. This is a senseless act that should be a crime. It’s just disgusting.”

This callous couple have now proceeded to cut down rows and rows of trees destroying a wildlife haven that had specifically been set up to encourage natural habitats by the community.

Mr Carver who lives along The Drive told the Havering Daily: “We all loved the access road, you could hear the birds singing, we had an area of stag beetles lavae that we had developed. We had foxes and voles and all the community enjoyed coming down here and looking at the wildlife.

“Now its all been destroyed. Cut down, poisoned. It’s terrible, the community has been destroyed.”

The area is now nothing but a row of endless stumps with holes drilled into. The Havering Daily witnessed the stumps along this access road with holes and even a tree that has just been left cut in half and massacred. It was a very heartbreaking site during a time when the world needs more trees planted for our own survival.

Watch what local residents have to say.

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One thought on “VIDEO: Cruel couple cut down endless trees destroying a community.

  • 4th February 2021 at 3:55 pm

    The wildlife community has been destroyed but the community living along The Drive have been brought together in their utter revulsion towards the bullying and cruelty being inflicted upon them by one couple unwillingly to actually declare their true intentions for the land. The way they have treated, and continue to treat, their neighbours in beyond contempt.


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