Action to stop Rainham floods-Jon Cruddas MP.


The last few weeks have seen heavy down pours across the borough that have severely affected many parts of Havering. One of the areas most affected has been Rainham and Dovers Corner. Today, the Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas writes in the Havering Daily.

Rainham village has suffered repeated flooding in recent months. Many residents in Brookway, South Hall Drive and nearby roads had flood water enter their homes causing damage to property and long lasting disruption and distress to families.

Jon Cruddas MP for the area has acted to bring together Havering Council, Thames Water, Environment Agency and Network Rail in a summit. He is chairing a meeting of the agencies in early March to get them to put together a plan of action to prevent future floods in the area.

Jon said, “ Based on comments from the affected residents and my own observations it seems that there are various problems that are causing the floods and each of the organisations I am calling to the meeting have a part to play in solving these problems.  

“It’s only by them working together in a coordinated and planned way can lasting solutions be found. 

“My intention at the meeting is to get agreement to produce that plan and then I will be making sure it is put in place to protect the people of Rainham.”

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