Let’s make Havering Happy!

Havering Changing is looking to work with artists, community groups and service providers to spread some creative happiness at this difficult time.
We are offering to finance and support creative projects that put a smile on someone’s face who may be experiencing loneliness during this lockdown.
We want your creative ideas and projects that will help spread some joy and inspire people to engage in creative activities, make them feel valued and lift their mood.
The projects should all be activities that people can do at home and that do not require an internet connection or mobile phone to connect with.
Even if you do not have a creative idea, but want to help or know a person or group who would benefit from some creativity at this time, then please get in touch.
The participants for the projects should be those living in the areas of Harold Hill, Orchard Village, Rainham and Romford. We are particularly keen to work with isolated and vulnerable people and residents who are living in sheltered/emergency accommodation, care leavers, hostel residents, foodbank users or individuals and families who would benefit from some positive energy to help them get through the lockdown.
Creative Brief
We would like artists, craft makers and creatives to respond to this open call with creative ideas for:

  1. A Big Box of Happiness
    Help fill the boxes chock-full of interesting stuff to do, read and experience. We want artists to think out of their creative box by putting themselves in somebody else’s shoes and thinking what would put a smile on their face if they received this box of happiness.
    We hope that these boxes will be distributed to 200+ recipients so please ensure items can be produced in bulk – we can help with producing products/sourcing manufacturers if needed. Budget should include all materials and production costs.
    The box and fanzine will be collaborative projects overseen by Havering Changing so please submit ideas for individual items to include. Box and fanzine will be distributed together via project partners.
    OPEN CALL! Let’s Make Havering Happy
  2. Fanzine/Booklet
    A co-created magazine full of creative things to do including artwork, colouring-in graphic pages, poetry, information, competitions and uplifting messages.
  3. Your ideas
    We welcome anyone that has a good idea and wants to help. Potential projects should focus on activities that can be done at home without an internet connection. These could utilise the good old fashioned telephone or post. Maybe it could help people re-engage with an old hobby or encourage people to create one aspect of a larger community installation.
    The budget for each idea is a maximum or £1,000 and artist fees should be no more than £500. All should be able to be delivered as soon as possible throughout February and into March 2021.
    Round One: Monday 01 February 2021 by 10am Round Two: Monday 08 February 2021 by 10am
    To apply for this open call, email happy@haveringchanging.org with the subject line Make Havering Happy open call and include:
    details of your idea
    why you want to get involved in this project
    estimated budget (if you have one)idea of where it might fit (box of happiness/fanzine/other creative ideas)
    tell us which area this project is for: Orchard Village, Harold Hill, Romford, Rainham or all
    who you are
    where you are from
    If you want more information or have any questions then email: happy@haveringchanging.org

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