Harold Hill Unleashed hits 12,000!

Havering is known for its many informative facebook groups. One of the largest and most successful in the borough is Harold Hill Unleashed with over 12,000 members and growing every day!

The group was started in 2017 by Harold Hill local Dave Curtis and has now grown from strength to strength and even hosts live sessions with many key people in Harold Hill to support its local residents.

As the page hit 12,000 members, the five admins Louise Compton, Nicola Boyce, Karen Crane,Donna Slate and Sarah Jane have set Dave Curtis a challenge for the week! Dave has accepted the forfeit of going without meat for five days!

So let’s help daring Dave get through five days without meat! Dave will be sharing with us his evening meal to show the Havering residents that he can go without meat eating for five days.

Well done to Harold Hill Unleashed for reaching 12,000 members!

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