Cranham electrician helps Romanian dog shelter that urgently needs fund.

A Cranham electrician has dedicated her life to the rescue of stray dogs found in Romania. Laura Mary Denny visits Romania up to four times a year to help a shelter that caters for 250 dogs that were abandoned.

Laura told the Havering Daily: “The shelter caters for hundreds of dogs and there is only one lady looking after them all, so there is always so much work to do. The shelter is often filthy and the poor dogs need to be taken to the vet. When I travel there, I spend my time bringing the dogs to the vets to be wormed, or cleaning out the shelter.”

The shelter is based in Bucharest and needs as much help as possible financially. The dogs need to be fed and vet bills need to be paid.

Laura continued: “We have set up a fundraiser to help these dogs. I know all of these dogs and they deserve a better life. The shelter needs urgent funds.

Laura with one of the stray dogs.

“We have rescued many of these dogs as part of our group ‘Pooches Promise’ that homes the dogs from here back in the UK. But, it is hard to adopt a dog that you have not met.”

Laura at the shelter in Bucharest.

Pooches Promise is a group of three women, including Laura who help rescue the dogs from the Bucharest shelter and find them a new home here with their forever family.

If you would like to help these poor dogs and support Laura in the amazing work she is doing, please see the fundraiser link below.

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