Councillor begs for more laptops as parents stop homeschooling due to lack of equipment.


A south Hornchurch councillor is calling for her local primary school to be urgently given more lap tops as the majority of the children in the school do not have access to any computer or tablet and most do not even have wifi due to lack of funds.

Councillor Natasha Summer’s daughter attends Newtons Primary school in Lowen Road, and many of the parents are now refusing to home school their children as they do not have access to any laptop or tablets and are using their phones to be able to do their schooling.

Councillor Summers told the Havering Daily: “Parents are now refusing to do anymore home schooling with their children as they do not have the proper equipment to be able to do it. Most of these parents struggle to make ends meet and use the wifi from their phone. They don’t have tablets or laptops and they are sharing their phone to do their children’s school work. This is just not acceptable.

“I don’t blame the school, it is not their fault. They were allocated 48 laptops like all the other primary schools here in the borough, but sadly that is no where near enough. Each school should be judged on its circumstances and here in this area the financial situation is difficult. These parents are struggling, they struggle to put food on the table for their children, they certainly don’t have the money to go and buy tablets for them all.”

The South Hornchurch councillor was meeting with the Head of Children’s Services yesterday to see what could be done about this situation.

“The laptops should be handed out on a case by case system. There are some schools in the area that are a lot more in need that others. The parents here in South Hornchurch really struggle and now, have no other choice but to stop doing homeschooling as they just can’t do it.”

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