VIDEO: Cruel car thieves steal family’s Christmas presents, leaving the children without toys.

A Rainham family have been robbed of all their children’s Christmas presents that were stolen from the boot of their car, leaving the children with no gifts to celebrate their special day.

The family are Orthodox Christians so today, 7th of January is the day they celebrate Christmas, but sadly their festivities will be very muted as the children’s presents were stolen.

Dalibor Cakarevic told the Havering Daily: “We had left the gifts in the boot of the car as we needed to keep them hidden and with the children being home, it is hard to hide presents from them. It is difficult to manage money at the moment, so the toys were bought over a period of time and now with all the shops closed we are struggling to rebuy them.”

The family who live in New Road, are saddened by what has happened and hope that the thieves will be caught so they don’t do this to others in the community. Dalibor continued: “It is very sad what they have done to us but I hope by releasing the images of the two men, someone will recognise them and they won’t have the opportunity of doing it to anybody else.”

The thieves broken into Dalibor’s car on the early hours of Tuesday morning around 5 am, they took everything from the boot and back seat of the car, leaving the family empty handed. Now his three children aged 3, 5 and 11 years old will have very little to open today.

CCTV footage of the thieves.
CCTV footage of the man.

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