Havering ladies set up ‘Team Parents Beat Lockdown’ to help parents with homeschooling.

Two Havering ladies have set up a facebook group specifically to help parents with home schooling. The facebook group entitled ‘Team Parents Beat Lockdown’ has over a thousand followers and was set up last Sunday with the aim of helping parents home school through out another lock down.

Rainham lady Hayley McLeod and her school friend Ellen Kerr spoke about different ways to help struggling parents help their children with home schooling. Hayley told the Havering Daily: “Parents often struggle with work that has been sent home. I worked in a school and understand just how difficult it can be for parents trying to teach their children in the way teachers do.

“The aim of this group is to bring teachers and school workers together with parents to all share their needs and resources to help each other out during another lock down. The page is not just for people in Havering but the whole country, anyone who needs help and support. Everyone has come together to help each other out.”

Both teachers and parents are on the page and parents have the chance to ask for help on topics their children maybe studying.

“As the page grows we will be doing live feeds and setting up resources for people to access. So many parents feel stressed and feel like they are letting their children down but not knowing how to help them. No one was prepared for this third lock down, millions of parents feel stranded not knowing what they are doing and many trying to work from home as well.”

This is a fantastic page that has many teachers on hand ready to give out free advice to all parents out there that currently feel stranded and in need of support. If you are struggling, please join this page or feel free to email us newsdesk@thehaveringdaily.co.uk and we will reach out to the group for you.

Please see the link below to join


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