Hornchurch woman praises Queen’s hospital staff for their amazing kindness.

A Hornchurch woman has praised staff at Queen’s hospital for their kindness and support in looking after her grandmother who sadly passed away last week from Covid 19.

Laraine Fenn is heartbroken at the loss of her 91 year old grandmother who was admitted to Queen’s hospital after contracting Covid.

Laraine told the Havering Daily: “My grandmother caught Covid on Christmas eve and wasn’t too keen to go to hospital. Sadly she deteriorated quite rapidly and she had to go hospital as she was struggling to breathe.”

Laraine’s grandmother Amelia was admitted to Aztec ward and from there the intensive care ward, Clementine ward.

“We got told last Tuesday that sadly she had deteriorated even more. We were able to see her in the ward and be with her when she died. The staff were amazing, despite the awful circumstances the staff were so kind and caring and when my grandmother died they cried with us.

“Thanks to these amazing staff members they gave us the chance to say goodbye to my grandmother. The nurses like Sarah and Sister Helen were just fantastic. They often get knocked by people, but they do such an incredible job and they showed my family so much kindness and support.

“It’s sad as my grandmother was due to have her vaccine this week and she died days before being vaccinated. It was a very sad ending to a very precious life,” finished Laraine.

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