86 year old pensioner left without heating, as his flat registers minus two over holiday period.

An 86 year old pensioner who lives in Harold Hill has been left without any heating for days after his boiler was deemed unfixable by the council.

Ronald Gittos, originally from Rainham, now lives in Harold Hill and discovered last week that his heating was not working. The 86 year old contacted his daughter Matisse who lives in Lincolnshire to help him resolve the issue.

Matisse told the Havering Daily: “He contacted me last week telling me his heating wasn’t working so I contacted the council straight away. They said someone would be there within hours on Thursday and by the afternoon no one had come. I chased them up repeatedly and by 6pm a man came to look at my dad’s boiler.

“He told my dad that it was unrepairable and that he would need a new boiler and just left. I am here miles away from my father and had to call a family friend of ours to immediately go out and buy my father some heaters for his flat as he had no heating whatsoever.”

The friend kindly bought several heaters and placed them across Ronald’s flat that at that stage was registering two below zero.

“A council worker returned on Friday to let my father know that they did not have anymore heaters to hand out so were very sorry and that was it. My father has been left like this for days now.

“I am so stressed worrying about him, I am up here and with the restrictions cannot travel down to see him and to know that he has been left there with no heating or hot water in the kitchen is just awful.”

Thanks to the family friend, Ronald has had some form of heat in his flat, but with the current cold temperatures and snow forecast, Matisse fears for her father who is 86 years old.

“Imagine if this was an elderly person with no other family to rely on, anything could have happened to them they might have even died on their own in the flat.

“They just said sorry its broken and goodbye that was it. I have spent hours on the phone where they keep promising to call me back and no one does.”

The pensioner has lived all his life in Havering and his daughter is angry at how is being treated.

One thought on “86 year old pensioner left without heating, as his flat registers minus two over holiday period.

  • 5th January 2021 at 9:40 pm

    Has this problem been resolved for the resident if not does he have the support of one of the local councillors.
    If not I am happy to help as I have a similar current case and this performance from the council contractors is not acceptable my number is 07865062156. Cllr Paul McGeary


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