Former hospital sister upset at lack of vaccines for vulnerable in Havering.

A former hospital sister is upset at the lack of vaccines being given to local Havering surgeries after being told they didn’t have enough for her.

Jacky Danilovic from Romford is 71 years old and is classified under the extremely vulnerable group suffering with severe asthma and prone to regular chest infections. After isolating for months, Jacky was keen to have the vaccine and sadly, was told by her GP surgery in Western Road, that they did not have enough vaccines for her.

Jacky told the Havering Daily: “My surgery do a great job and serve 17,000 patients in Romford. Yet they were only given 90 vaccines.

“I have been reading what the Health Secretary has stated that we will not be leaving tier 4 until people have been vaccinated. How is that going to be possible if they are not issuing enough vaccines?”

Havering has a high percentage of elderly residents who have been isolating since March this year.

“I was a Sister in A and E for many years and always have the flu jab each year. They are promoting this vaccine but yet there haven’t been enough given to surgeries. How can this virus be controlled when GP’s don’t have enough vaccines?”

Jacky was told that she now has to wait until the new year to be able to have the vaccine. She finished by saying: “What is the Health Secretary going to do about getting more vaccines? They promote and we have been isolating for many and now there aren’t enough to go round.”

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