Police work tirelessly to resolve anti social behaviour issues around the Ardleigh Green area.

Since the start of September police have been carrying out regular weapon sweeps and patrols in the Ardleigh Green area around the local college and its neighbouring streets. Our local police have provided high visibility and placed officers in hotspots to help stop anti social behaviour.

Chief Inspector Kevin Weeden spoke to the Havering Daily about the ongoing hard work they have done to combat the anti social behaviour.

“There have been patrols and weapon sweeps where a number of knives have been found and numerous arrests have been made.

“We are working in partnership with the local college and with local residents to help support them and any issues they are facing. We have been working with Transport for London to get extra buses for the college to help move students on faster and have also identified several drug dealers that were working in the area.”

The police have been working tirelessly to resolve the issues that have arisen from the college and have been a visible presence in Ardleigh Green since the start of September.

“We have two Schools Officers based inside the college that are there full time supporting the college’s security guards.

“Sadly it is only a handful of pupils that are causing these problems. The majority of the pupils that attend the college are law abiding. It is important that any problems that do occur must be reported to to us.”

The police are continuing to work alongside the college to provide them with the support they need. They have been working non stop with the Ardleigh Green community, both shopkeepers and residents to make sure problems were identified and dealt with as quickly and appropriately as possible.

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