Discover our strength within ourselves-mental health sufferer shares advice.


Hazel from Harold Hill is a mental health sufferer who has struggled this year like many others in our community. Despite the challenges she has faced, Hazel has kept a smile on her face and today she shares her message with us at the Havering Daily.

This year has been awful for mental health sufferers and we have struggled to get through some tough times. But take time to look at yourself now and say “I made it. I’m tougher than I thought I was”. Give yourself a pat on the back.

You may still be finding things difficult to cope with, I know I am. But we must stay strong and get through this together.

I have two dogs that help me get through each day. I also find singing really helps. Just sing along to some happy songs. What’s your favourite song? Go and listen to it right now and see the difference in how you feel.

If you are really struggling then please contact your doctor and ask for help. I avoided asking for help for a few years but this year I am getting help and starting to work through things.

So please remember that we can get through this together and we can come out of this tough time stronger than ever before. We just need to discover our strength within ourselves.

Here is a song for all keyworkers, especially all that work within the mental health sector.

Have a Merry and safe Christmas.

Hazel performing her Christmas message to thank keyworkers.

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