Back Our Bobbies:Hero police officers save man who was clinically dead.

Two Romford based police officers were recently awarded a commendation from the East Area Commander for helping save the life of a man who described as ‘clinically dead’.

PC Raza and PC Tunc were answering a routine call in October 2019 in Harold Hill to reports of a man who had fallen down stairs suffering head injuries and believed to have suffered a cardiac arrest. The two police officers were called on scene to help the air ambulance land.

“Our main purpose of the call was to facilitate the landing of the helicopter. When we got to the address we saw that there was no helicopter as yet so we decided to go in and offer our assistance,” said PC Raza.

As they entered the property the two officers saw that there was a very distraught lady and one paramedic with a male not breathing, lying on the ground attached to the machinery the paramedic had.

“The paramedic was giving cpr and I asked him if I could help and he said yes. We also had a very distraught lady who was there looking and clearly needed assistance. The area in the house was very small and we took it in turns to do chest compressions,” continued PC Raza

“The wife was there watching and I was trying to support her. She was very upset telling us to please bring her husband back,” said PC Tunc.

The paramedic and police officer continued to administer chest compressions for an hour. “It seemed like a few minutes but it was actually for an hour, you just don’t realise. I am an experienced officer and I have been to a number of sudden deaths. This man looked deceased. There was no response at all, yet we continued,” said PC Raza.

Once the ambulance crews arrived more support was given but sadly the male showed no sign of life. The air ambulance doctors took the man’s wife to one side and told her to prepare for the worse.

The two police officers then had to leave and answer another call and it was two weeks later that these two heroic officers heard the incredible news.

“The gentleman’s wife sent us an email thanking us for everything we had done and that her husband had made a recovery and was back home. It was such a proud feeling to know that we had contributed to that. Two weeks after that myself and PC Tunc were in the area and we thought we would knock on the door and check on the male to see how he was.

“As we knocked on the door the wife recognised us straight away and she gave us a hug and asked us in. It was so incredible to see the male there sitting on the chair and speaking to us was just fantastic. We sat there for a little while and chatted with him, he wanted to know what we did as he did not remember any of it. He thanked us and gave us a big hug. He also told us he had changed all his diets and lifestyle and was returning back to work.

“As police officers we are human too and yes we felt a tear roll down our face when he hugged us. It was a brilliant feeling to know that he not only had recovered but was also going back to work and changing his lifestyle. It is an amazing feeling to see someone you have saved,” said PC Raza.

“When you go home you feel very proud that you have achieved something good,” added PC Tunc.

The Met police has some of the finest police officers in the world and PC Raza and PC Tunc certainly fit in that category. For them it might have been another routine response call, but thanks to their amazing work they helped save a man’s life.

Well done officers, you are real heroes.

PC Raza receiving his commendation from Mr Clayman.
PC Tunc receiving his commendation from Mr Clayman.

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