Local dignitaries attend meeting at Havering College to deal with anti social behaviour issues.

Last Thursday Havering Council organised a zoom meeting for all local residents in regards to the ongoing issues of anti social behaviour at Havering College, in Ardleigh Green Road. The Havering Daily has run several articles by concerned locals who were fed up with the problems youths attending the college have caused in the area.

Havering Council organised the meeting that saw Havering’s Leader of the Council Councillor Damian White, the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell, Chief Inspector Kevin Weedon, GLA Member Keith Prince and Paul Wakering the college Principal all talk about on going issues and how to resolve them. Over 170 people watched the zoom meeting that was chaired by Cabinet Member Councillor Viddy Persaud and had the opportunity to ask questions to the relevant person.

East Area police have been extremely proactive in dealing with these issues and have provided officers in the area for several weeks now.

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell was quick to intervene in this situation and meet with locals to talk about the challenges they are facing. He has held daily discussions with them and has been very proactive in organising regular talks between college leaders and locals to improve community cohesion.

A second meeting was held yesterday at the college with local dignitaries including Mr Rosindell, Councillor White, and Keith Prince, where the community had the opportunity to discuss further how to resolve the ongoing issues and find a better way forward.

Havering’s Leader of the Council has been working with the college to resolve these issues and the council will now be installing CCTV cameras in nearby areas to tackle any further problems.

Local charity group Take A Knife Save A Life, were also present at the two meetings and Co-ordinator Robert Dean has already began weapon sweeps in the area around the college. Now that the second lock down has ended, the anti knife group can also patrol the area to provide additional support to the community.

There has been great team work by our community that has joined together to hopefully put an end to the issues that were starting to mar the area and make local residents’ lives a misery.

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