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Since lockdown we seem to be shunning conventional ‘retirement’ new research by Cervello Financial Planning shows.

Although a conventional retirement remains popular new research from Cervello Financial Planning has found that nearly half of us (48%) didn’t now believe conventional retirement was for us.

In their most recent white paper written by Cervello director Chris Daems the research also found that COVID pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have also changed our perspective on how our future looks with nearly a quarter of us (73.74%) changing our minds about our future.

The Survey, conducted in the summer of 2020, also found that those who worked with professionals to support them to achieve their financial goals had higher financial wellbeing than those who didn’t.

Chris Daems, a director at Cervello and the author of the “What Happens Next” White Paper said…

“We recognised, from the conversations we were having with our clients, that the nature of ‘retirement’ is changing. 

Our clients, and the respondents of the survey seem to indicate that their futures look more varied than ever before. 

This may include more time to follow pursuits they are passionate about but also often continues to include work. 

That’s why we believe it’s even more vital for individuals to seek professional financial advice at a time when they’re making important decisions about ‘what’s next’”

You can find a copy of the full white paper HERE https://www.cervellofp.co.uk/white-paper/ or arrange to speak to Chris directly by calling 01708 606 202.

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