Mum fears for son safety at college after student stabs another in the eye with screwdriver.


A Hornchurch mum has spoken exclusively to the Havering Daily about her fears in the increase in violence at a Hornchurch college.

The mum, who did not wish to be named has a 16 year old son who attends the college in Ardleigh Green Road and believes her son is ‘safer on the streets of Romford’ then attending the college daily.

She told the Havering Daily: “I worry every time he leaves to go to college after the events that go on there. He comes home and tells me what goes on and it scares me.

“A few weeks ago he was threatened with a knife. Apparently another teenager had split up with his girlfriend and decided to pull a knife on other teenagers. My son actual felt his jacket rip the blade was that close to him.

“Last week there was a huge fight out on the green in front of the college, five girls were beating on another girl lying on the ground. I saw the video myself on social media. Then on Monday two girls had a fight inside the college and one stabbed the other in the eye with a screwdriver.”

The Hornchurch mum is worried that the college are not doing enough to protect students.

“I have contacted the college several times expressing my fears and concerns and asked them why the security guards they have there don’t seem to stop all this violence. The reply they give me is that many of these incidents happen outside the hall next to the college, so not on their grounds. That’s not reassuring for a parent.”

The Havering Daily contacted the college for a response and a spokesperson said: “The college has a zero tolerance approach to violence and anti social behaviour. There have unfortunately been some incidents recently in the local area and we are working closely with the police. In the vast minority of cases where students are involved, they will be excluded.”

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