Rainham man turns front drive into war memorial.

Kevin Ackerman in Rainham has once again turned his front drive into a war memorial. The beautiful site features a special tribute to Kevin’s wife Karen, whose grandfather fought in the second world war in the Burma campaign.

Kevin and Karen’s front drive in Sowrey Avenue.

The memorial took over two days to construct with the help of friends.

The picture shows Karen’s grandfather who was with the British Army and fought through Burma to Malaya. After leaving the army Karen’s grandfather joined the police force and served as a police officer in Hong Kong.

The tribute to Karen’s grandfather.

Kevin told the Havering Daily: “I’m raising money for the British Legion, sadly a lot of the poppy distributors who are veterans have to now isolate and they are about a third down on what they normally would be. The financial impact on that is hard and of course the veterans still need help so it’s good to do a little bit extra to help them this year.”

Kevin’s drive is a beautiful dedication to those who gave their lives for us. The giant heart is made up of a thousand paper poppies and the painting drawn by family friend Leon.

There is a British Legion QR code by the fence for anyone wishing to donate.

Raising money for the British Legion.

Please visit Sowrey Avenue to see this amazing display.

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