Sponsored Run for London Air Ambulance in Memory of Harvey.

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Harold Wood Councillors Brian Eagling, Darren Wise and Martin Goode joined seven year old Teddy and his parents along with the parents and friends of Harvey Tyrell at an event at Harold Wood park over the weekend.

Teddy who went to school with Harvey Tyrell the seven year old who died two years ago after being electrocuted, undertook a sponsored run in memory of the Harold Wood school boy.

Teddy has raised over £3,000 for the London Air Ambulance. The Residents’ Association donated £100 to this cause and Teddy ran a mile around Harold Wood Park to meet his target. Teddy started and finished at Harvey’s bench and balloons were released on the day in memory of Harvey. He was clapped all the way whilst doing his run by parents, and friends who proudly cheered him on.

Well done Teddy!

Seven year old Teddy with family, friends and Harold Wood Councillors.

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